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Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Mükemmel Konum

Perfect Location

Located in Istanbul, Andi Hotel is in Şişli district, where the historical Atatürk Museum, İnönü Stadium and Military Museum are located. Our hotel is 10 minutes away on foot from Taksim and 1 minute far away to subway.

Müşteri Memnuniyeti

Customer Satisfaction

You feel like you are at home. Andi Hotel serves for the purpose of "Maximum Customer Satisfaction". The hotel aims 100% customer satisfaction by adding international tourism quality and standards to Anatolian hospitality.

Environment Friendly

Being aware of the fact that being environmentally sensitive is a necessity rather than a preference, all lighting including rooms, corridors and outdoor lighting are made with environmentally sensitive LED lighting at Andi Hotel. Low carbon emission VRV air conditioning systems are used for heating and cooling.

Our precautions for Covid-19;

We care for your health and we take all the necessary precautions for your health.


Social Distance

For your safety,we get aware all the social distance rules.



We apply all the health and hygiene rules which recommended by the Ministry of Health.


We take care for you

Andi Hotel applies all the rules which recommended by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism.